Offseason Temperament in Giants Nation


Dec 29, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants quarterback

Eli Manning

(10) calls a play at the line during the first quarter of a game against the Washington Redskins at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Fanatics, how do you feel about your New York Giants?

As you well know, this is a team that has been in the NFL a long time, since way back in the year 1925. To put that in perspective, Calvin Coolidge was the President of the United States. Everyone knows The New Yorker magazine has been around for a million years… but actually, it printed its first issue on February 21, 1925. I’m telling you New York Giants fans, your favorite team was founded a really long time ago. Seriously, it was also around the year that teams like the Detroit Panthers, Providence Steam Rollers, Canton Bulldogs and the Pottsville Maroons were unleashed upon the National Football League.

Still not seem that long ago?

It was the year good ol’ Yogi Berra was born for Eli’s sake. The New York Giants have obviously been around for a long, long time, but how do you feel about “your” team? Sure, they’ve been to three Super Bowls in the last 15 years. Sure, they’ve won two of them, including a victory over one of the best regular season teams in NFL history, the undefeated 2007 Patriots (thanks David Tyree.)

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But really , how do you feel about your New York Football Giants?

They added Odell Beckham Jr, Quintin Demps and Trindon Holliday. That’s some serious speed, but are they fast enough to catch all Eli’s errant throws? It helps that Demps plays defense, since that’s where Eli was throwing last season. Especially since the team seems to be depending on TE’s that no one has ever heard of…

For example: What exactly is a Xavier Grimble, anyway? And why is your favorite team counting on him? You also have Adrien Robinson and Larry Donnell in house, plus Kellen Davis and Daniel Fells were added in free agency. Fells had 84 yards two years ago, so that’s a positive… right? Kellen Davis was a Seahawk, that added Super Bowl experience… right? Never mind his 32 yards last season. As pondered above, the Giants do have USC’s Xavier Grimble, but the whole TE situation seems like an Xavier “Gamble.”

“That’s some serious speed, but are they fast enough to catch all Eli’s errant throws?” – William Watts

I’m not here to pick on your Giants. I just want to know what they’re doing. Are they seriously counting on David Wilson and Rashad Jennings to run the ball, or are they comfortable having “The All-Name” fullback team: Mike Cox, John Conner and Henry Hynoski running the show? Only kidding, and before you say Rashad Jennings is a competent answer. Keep in mind he’s 29 years old and just had his career season with the Oakland Raiders at 733 yards 6 TD’s with a 4.5 ypc average. Not bad, however, generally, backs don’t start getting better at that late age. 

Can your New York Giants get back to the mountaintop?

Remember this is an NFL team that has already been to the top of the mountain. It’s an organization with class and character stretching back to the year Mount Rushmore was dedicated in 1925. That was a long time ago. Since, the New York Giants have won 8 league championships: 4 NFL Championships, 4 Super Bowls. That’s a lot of metal.

Now, regardless of how you feel about your G-Men lately. The feeling every couple years or so is that the Giants will come out the gate, lose a few games, catch fire and win the Super Bowl. Is that the plan this year? Is Eli Manning going to win another Super Bowl when everyone counts out the Giants. This time for having unappealing tight ends, questionable running backs and a perceived suspect pass rush, or are all those things misconceptions?

Will Tom Coughlin and company win regardless of that public perception, or are the Giants in real serious trouble? Remember Giants fans, they’re also breaking in new Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo this season. If Eli doesn’t have a solid RB and TE option and has to count on guys like Peyton Hillis and fourth round pick, Andre Williams. It could be very hard to build on last year’s dreadful offense.

Eli Manning has all the tools to turn it around and perform as a dominant QB, but he really struggled last year getting the ball out clean. Believe it or not, Eli Manning is 33 years old and has been playing football since he was little more than a fetus. Can he regain his youth, or is that a factor in the Giants decline?

No matter the answers, the Giants are a storied NFL franchise and have big dreams for this seasons potential Super Bowl dreams, believe that.  Understand, every member of that locker room wants to win that ninth league championship since 1925, but the real question is Giants fans… Big Blue Nation Fanatics.

How are you feeling about your New York Giants?