New York Giants: Eli Manning Stars in Quirky New Ad


Manning TV

Eli Manning is starting to become the poster boy for random and quirky ads. Ten days ago Eli and Peyton Manning released a hilarious music video to market a new DirecTV channel focused on fantasy football. In this Dunkin’ Donuts sponsored ad, Eli is promoting the opportunity to attend a “MasqueraDDe” he is hosting.

Easily the best part of this commercial is when one of the butlers brings in an old school boom box on a platter to represent a  “night of music.” Apparently Manning can afford butlers, but not a surround system. Keeping with that theme — the end of the commercial has a really awkward interaction, wherein the overtly proper Eli Manning tosses a football back to the butler who has his hands full with a traditional style serving tray Eli had just retrieved “said” ball from:

"“If it hits the hands, ya gotta catch it” Manning tells the butler — deadpan."

Credit: Dunkin’ Donuts on YouTube

For my entertainment purposes I will make the assumption that he was taking a shot at his teammates who ranked ninth in the NFL in dropped passes. C’mon guys you heard him, “if it hits the hands ya gotta catch it.” This spot is infinitely less funny than “Fantasy Football Fantasy,” but the overall awkwardness of the commercial makes it entertaining, if not a little quirky. Just like Eli Manning himself.