New York Giants Need Massive Upgrades For Offensive Line


The offensive line of any team is the foundation of an offense. Without help from up front, any football team’s potential on offense is extremely limited. In order for Odell Beckham and company to perform like we expect next season, the New York Giants must first bolster their offensive line.

The Giants have a chance to have a terrific, high powered offense. I believe it is not an overstatement to say the Giants can have one of the truly best offenses in the NFL come next season. However, I repeat again, this cannot be accomplished without major retooling up front. Take a look at any of the great offenses in the league; you will see many of them differ in how they specifically succeed.

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Still every group you see, will undoubtedly have at least a solid offensive line. You can go right down the line… (no pun intend). From Green Bay, to New England, to Pittsburgh, to Denver, to Indy, the list goes on. You may have noticed that all of these teams have great quarterbacks, but none could of been possible if they didn’t have the talent from up front.

At best last season the Giants had an average offensive line. Due to this, there is most certainly much work to be done if the Giants want to have the offense many seem to believe they are a shoe in to have next season. No matter how great Beckham is, no matter how much the return of Victor Cruz will help, no matter who is running the football, the Giants must afford Eli Manning a solid line of protection if they expect him to succeed.

No pocket quarterback can possibly succeed without protection from up front. Not Brady, not Peyton, not Montana. Meaning Eli is no different, meaning as flashy as the Giants receiving core may be, they are worthless if Eli is spending Sunday afternoons on his backside, instead of fist pumping after completing touchdowns.

Whether it is through free agency, the draft, or a mixture of the two, general manager Jerry Reese absolutely must bring in the necessary pieces to protect his quarterback. Having a great quarterback comes in conjunction to having a great offensive line, not the other way around. I believe Reese is a great GM; I believe he will make sure to address this need in the coming months.

Nonetheless, make no bones about it, if Reese fails to, we will be sitting here this time next year pondering what could have been. Like I began by saying, the Giants have a chance to be a great offensive team in 2015, but they are no different from any other team, without the massive upgrading of their offensive line. If they don’t they will find not success, but failure come next season.

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