New York Giants: Should Team Pursue Shane Vereen in FA?


For the past two years the New York Giants running game has been suffering tremendously. Losing David Wilson did a number on the team because there was no contingency plan. The Giants started the rebuild by signing Rashad Jennings and drafting Andre Williams last offseason. Both were smart moves, but each have their own Achilles heal. Throwing Shane Vereen into the mix would be a perfect fix.

Jennings is an excellent running back when healthy. It is impossible for him to get the touches that he had last season and not get hurt. The Giants wanted him to be a bell cow back, but that seems to be impossible for him.

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Williams is experienced enough to take the bulk of the load from Jennings next season. He really came into his own this year, showing flashes of brilliance. Williams has the potential to even be a starter for the Giants, but he has one thing holding him back. He is unable to catch passes out of the backfield.

In come Vereen, who can catch passes out of the backfield and would fit in the West Coast offense nicely. Vereen would be perfect for running screen and short pass plays. Jennings and Williams would not be as productive as Vereen would be in these kinds of schemes.

Signing Vereen would also add depth to a position the Giants are weak in. Most likely, backup Peyton Hillis is going to be cut from the team. He has a lengthy history of concussions and the Giants can’t afford to have another injury prone player.

Vereen would be an insurance policy for Jennings and at the same time provide much needed depth. He could contribute in the passing game and make a lot of noise. Jennings, Vereen, and Williams would be the perfect one, two, three punch to make opposing defenses shake at their feet.

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