Early New York Giants 2015 Season Prediction


Even though it hasn’t even hit the free agency period yet, it’s never too early to start making season predictions. Jerry Resse clearly stated that the New York Giants are not going to spend much money this offseason. Resse is making the right call, last offseason the Giants spent a whopping 111 million. Most of those players got injured, so it’s impossible to judge how his free agent class will fair. It’s safe to say that most of the roster will stay the same.

The Giants have one of easiest schedules in recent years. They play their regular NFC East rivals, the AFC East, the NFC South, the Minnesota Vikings, and the San Francisco 49ers. The NFC South was the worst division in football last season and it doesn’t look like it’s getting much better.

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are rebuilding, and the Carolina Panthers are in desperate need of offensive help. The Atlanta Falcons are definitely a team on the rise, but their a mess on defense and need a tight end. They are the wild card in their division.

The New Orleans Saints struggled mightily on defense as well and have Mark Ingram as an impending free agent. If Ingram leaves they have a huge whole at the running back position with an already shaky Drew Brees. Brees had another stellar season, but his age is starting to show. He had a lot of trouble at certain points of the year. The AFC East is a whole different story.

The New York Jets are a circus as always, they are a mess on both sides of the ball. The only intimating thing about them is their pass rush. Odell Beckham Jr. will have a field day against their secondary. The Miami Dolphins are on the rise and are a very dangerous squad. They have a lot of promising potential.

Unfortunately, the Giants have to play the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. That game will be the most highly touted of the Giants’ season. The two teams haven’t played a game since Super Bowl XLVI. It will be one of the games of the year no matter how bad the Giants are.

The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles have had their way with the Giants these past couple years. Both teams were dominant and have promising chances of making a postseason run next season as well. The Giants are going to have a rough time fighting it out with these two teams. The Washington Redskins have quarterback and defensive issues to the max. They pose no threat to any team in the NFC East.

The only teams left to cover are the Vikings and the 49ers. The Vikings shockingly have a pretty decent roster. They almost managed to not have a losing season this year without the help of Adrian Peterson. Teddy Bridgewater is a very promising player, but he still has a lot of work to do. The 49ers can easily bounce back from the stinker of a season they had, they have all the talent and potential to be a playoff contender.

Season Prediction: 10-6

What do you think Giants Nation? Will the Giants manage to claw their way to a 10-6 season? Vote and comment below!

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