2015 NFL Draft Profile: RB Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin


343 carries, 2,587 yards and 29 touchdowns were tallied by one running back in one season. That was the work of Melvin Gordon of the Wisconsin Badgers, a rusher that averaged a mind boggling 7.5 yards per carry. In an age where running backs don’t get drafted until the second round, Gordon could be a first round draft pick.

Gordon is one of a kind runner who has the speed and power to drop jaws. The closest NFL comparison to Gordon, is probably Adrian Peterson. Peterson is arguably the most talented running back in the NFL. That is how good Gordon is, that I have compartmentalized him in my mind in the special once in a lifetime rushers.

GMENHQ Big Board Ranking: 34th Overall Prospect

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  • Strong 6′ 1″ 207 lbs. build
  • Great acceleration, has multiple gears
  • Patient runner
  • Good vision
  • Great stiff arm
  • Grinds out tough yards
  • Has had a 60 yard or greater run in each of the last 3 seasons his career longest rush is 88 yards
  • Good receiver out of the backfield


  • Wisconsin used him as a work horse, had 631 carries, 343 in 2014 alone
  • Was held to 76 yards against Ohio State on 26 attempts in the Big 10 championship game

Overall, it does not get much better than Gordon at the running back position. There is no rule that says you cannot select a running back in the first round. The reason running backs have fallen to the second and third rounds in recent years is twofold.

Firstly, the game has become passing dominated. Secondly, running backs take so many hits and have shortened careers often because of the grind. Gordon would be a steal in Round 2 for the New York Giants. If Gordon was available at the 40th overall pick, it would be incredibly hard not to take the superstar rusher.

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