2015 NFL Draft Profile: OG Arie Kouandjio, Alabama


One of the main concerns for the New York Giants in this offseason is their offensive line. As we continue our breakdown on the 2015 NFL Draft, we turn to Alabama’s offensive guard, Arie Kouandjio. His size is perfect for the NFL as he weighs in at 310 lbs, his body type and long arms could help out the Giants.

The senior from Alabama was part of the Crimson Tide squad that were part of the first ever College Football Playoffs and his 27 consecutive starts definitely played a role. He also claimed first-team All-SEC honors after starting all 14 games.

Kouandjio looks to join to his younger brother, Cyrus, who was drafted last year by the Buffalo Bills in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Even though he was an iron man in last two years at Alabama, he underwent a series of knee surgeries as a freshmen and sophomore which puts his draft stock in doubt.

GMENHQ Big Board Ranking: 37th Overall Prospect

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  • Physical: His physical attributes is built for the guard position in the NFL. His thick base and wide shoulders give him the ability to muscle through defense and give the ball carrier some room to work with.
  • Reading: He does a sensational job of reading blitzes. He does a good a job anticipating the rush and reads what the defense is trying to do.


  • Lower Body: Although he does a sensational job with hands, his feet are another issue. From his hips all the way down to his foot work need improvement. He has the habit of missing his steps and tangling himself over which allows the defense to slide him over.
  • Balance: It’s hard to be a big man and have no balance in the NFL. His inability to keep his balance gives him problems to hold his tackles which defenses can take advantage of.
  • History: His knee history says a lot in the NFL Draft. Coaches won’t draft a player with bad knees, especially if they possess the size of Kouandjio. The question remains whether his injury history from his first two years will come back to haunt him. Injuries are something that coaches don’t want to gamble with and the year the Giants had with their line, they might not want to roll the dice with Kouandjio.

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