New York Giants Need To Make A Play At Safety


As each day goes by, this year’s NFL Free Agent class seems to be expanding with big names like Ndamukong Suh, Randall Cobb, A.J. Hawk, DeMarco Murray and the top names keep on coming. The NFL’s cap space is making it harder for teams to keep the big names on the roster. For the New York Giants, if they don’t want to help that list grow then they need to make a play for the safety position, fast.

They’ve used their franchise tag and rightly so on defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, but now it’s time to lock up long-time veteran Antrel Rolle. The safety who’s been starting every game for the past five years is in danger of leaving the G-Men despite expressing desire to stay. Yes, Rolle is climbing the age ladder and is the most expensive free agent on the Giants roster, but something needs to happen quick.

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Not only is Rolle hitting the market, but safety Stevie Brown as well who is hitting the cap around three million. Those are already two safeties that are in danger of leaving New York and if you lose them, then what?

The Giants cap space doesn’t look like 2014 so their activity in the free agent market will be limited. It’s also highly unlikely that the Giants will use up their number one pick on a safety, which drafting is always a gamble.

The boys in blue need to agree on a deal with Rolle to be secured in the safety position. Despite his age, Rolle comes with experience and willingness to stay in the Big Apple. Other notable safeties that the Giants could look to are Devin McCourty from the New England Patriots and Nate Allen from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Getting back Rolle and Brown should be the play for the Giants as losing three safeties along with Quintin Demps would put them in a deep hole. They need to fix their safety situation for the same reason they franchised Pierre-Paul; a sense of security.

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