Odell Beckham Jr. Learns Valuable Lesson From Victor Cruz


Sometimes when you’re an athlete that is flirting with a status of hitting major success and fame, it’s hard to understand that things are better left unsaid, especially on social media. Odell Beckham Jr. took to Twitter recently to vent of his frustrations that literally came out of nowhere. Take a look at his rant as I’ve selected the main tweets that got him the most comments and left people wondering what exactly caused him to spark this on social media:

Not sure what this means, but perhaps he’s being just broad when it comes to trusting people and having them live up to certain expectations? I guess what he’s trying to say is nothing is easy in life and rightfully so, but the hashtags and talking about how race has nothing to do with it probably shouldn’t have been said. Now onto the topic of drama:

Don’t get me wrong, drama happens every single day, even to the best of us. I guess after Beckham realized the error of his ways in tweeting stuff like this, he did the right thing at the moment and tried to just bring some clarity on his tweets. It wasn’t until the final tweet he did to end everything that I guess he really saw he made a big mistake as shown below:

I’m sure by this time, someone from the New York Giants probably got in contact with him and told him to stop. In an interesting article by Ebenezer Samuel, a New York Daily News Giants writer, he talks about how this endless tirade caught the attention of Victor Cruz.

Cruz did what any team captain would do in this scenario and reached out to him to remind him to watch what he says on social media. When I looked at his entire rant, I realized that it really had no place to anything that’s been happening so far this offseason. In an interview with Sirius XM, Cruz had this to say:

"“I just told him to make sure he watches his words and make sure he’s mindful of the things that he says,” Cruz said. “Because anything that he says can become a headline. He just has to be very very careful of that, even when he means well or says the right things. I just want him to keep a level head and make sure he keeps his family first and keeps his mind right,” Cruz added. “Because this city and sometimes this media can swallow you whole.” – Victor Cruz"

It’s great to see Cruz kind of step in like the big brother he is to Beckham and put him in his place. Sometimes you have to do that so they get the bigger picture because had he kept going, he would have made plenty of headlines for all the wrong reasons.

At the very young age of 22 years old, it’s safe to say he made a rookie mistake. Just like he tweeted, he does have a lot of growing up to do because there is a big reason why most of the bigger name athletes tend to stay away from social media completely as one mistake could lead you into a social media disaster.

Hopefully Beckham learned from this and will continue to grow both on the field and off it.

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