New York Giants Should Never Be On Hard Knocks


Rumors have circled about the New York Giants being chosen to participate in HBO’s Hard Knock series. Boy oh boy does John Mara hate when that is brought up to him, but who could blame him? Mara would do anything in his power to make sure that the Giants won’t show up on Hard Knocks. Why is Mara so serious about this? Because he wants to win.

Hard Knocks could very easily ruin an NFL franchise. Yes, it’s good for popularity and is great at increasing revenue, but money isn’t everything. Hard Knocks is very invasive on the chosen franchises’ plans for the season. Mara and Reese love to keep things very quiet. Putting your team on television isn’t really the way to do that.

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It can’t be a good feeling knowing that the rest of the 31 NFL teams are staring at your franchises training camp practices. If there is a injury to a major player, the whole NFL would know about it. There would be no way to try to buy some time to hide it. Not to mention that opposing teams get to see most of the plays that you run and how effective they are.

I’m sure the last thing the Giants coaching staff want is other teams looking into their new formations. Ben McAdoo still has a lot of new stuff he wants to bring to the table. We only saw a quarter of what he wanted to do with the team’s offense last season. Steve Spagnuolo wouldn’t want anyone seeing any kind of experiments he runs in his first year back with the Giants’ defense.

With all of the other problems on Mara’s mind, such as the Eli Manning contract situation, the last thing he wants to think about is Hard Knocks. The Giants are in a “do or die” year, so they don’t need any added attention. After all, Mara did once say that the Giants would do hard knocks, “When I’m next to my father in the Gates Of Heaven cemetery.” Source via Mike Florio of NBC Sports.

What do you think Giants nation? Should Mara let the team participate in Hard Knocks? Vote and comment below!