New York Giants: Danny Shelton Must Be The Pick


In the 2014 season the New York Giants had a highly respected defensive line that got pushed around like little kids in the playground. The Giants defensive linemen didn’t own the line of scrimmage and the linebackers were too busy fighting off blockers to be making tackles in the backfield. Danny Shelton could fix the Giants front seven, single handedly.

The Giants have a concern at the linebacker position. That being said if Jon Beason stayed healthy and the defensive line actually did its job the linebacker situation would seem less bleak.

There is no doubt the Giants need a space eater on the defensive line. The only one they have currently is Jonathan Hankins. The defensive line as a unit though failed and the numbers back this up.

The Giants defense was ranked 29th last season. They were one of the worst defenses at stopping the run. They gave up 4.9 yards per carry. Think about that. The Giants opponents averaged essentially half a first down per carry. You cannot win football games like that.

The Giants have an opportunity to improve this, by drafting Shelton. Shelton is a monstrous 339 pounds. He has incredible explosiveness and he can penetrate and wreck things in the backfield. Shelton is undeniably a force to be reckoned with.

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Not only will he take up space, he will take up blockers. The running back will be forced to bounce the run outside unless the opponent supplies two offensive linemen to stop Shelton. Even then, Shelton can do to a double team what Godzilla can do to a skyscraper.

Shelton reminds me of a young Haloti Ngata. Ngata, now a Detroit Lions superstar, was an unstoppable force with the Baltimore Ravens. Shelton has the same combination of size, quickness and explosive power that made Ngata that unstoppable force.

The Giants should draft Shelton because he will be one of the most impactful players of this generation. Shelton has a rare skill set. I never thought I’d see another Ngata like player. I was wrong, Shelton is that player.

The Giants should draft Shelton because he would add the toughness and strength up front that is so sourly missing from their defense.

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