New York Giants: Team Built Around Eli Manning


Franchise quarterbacks are hard to come by in this league. Just ask Buffalo or Miami how they’ve done since Jim Kelly and Dan Marino left their respective organizations. When you have one, you need to do all you can to surround them with the necessary pieces to succeed.

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The Giants have understood that, and have put a lot around quarterback Eli Manning over the years. With their last 4 1st round picks the Giants have decided to go the offensive route. As a franchise, they realize there is no time to waste.

Now, Manning reaps the benefits of playmakers like Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz, but at the same time, an enormous amount of pressure is put on him to make plays with those pieces as well. The Giants go as he goes.

After an abysmal 2013 season, many thought Manning was on the decline. He had thrown a career high in interceptions, and had failed to reach 20 touchdown passes in a full season for the first time in his career.

Within the organization, they knew there were a couple of problems that had nothing to do with his play that were directly affecting him. For one, the offensive line play was atrocious. Players were playing out of position, many who didn’t deserve snaps as it is.

Over the last two offseasons, they’ve addressed that area of need with the signing of Geoff Schwartz, and the draft choices of Weston Richburg and Ereck Flowers. Protect Eli Manning, and you win football games. It’s as simple as that.

The run game is another facet that has suffered as a result of the poor offensive line. Look no further than Tony Romo to explain to you what a good run game could do for a quarterback. Manning has lacked that, but the steps are being taken in order to fix that phase of the game.

I don’t wish for any coach to be terminated, but the firing of former offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride couldn’t have made more sense for Eli Manning. His offense was slow and outdated, with little urgency to get play calls in. In today’s NFL, there has to be urgency on the offensive end. Which is something Gilbride lacked.

The mental aspect is what impresses me the most about his game. Just watch him command the line of scrimmage. Average quarterbacks go to the line without adjusting to the defense and simply call the exact play called in the huddle. Manning reads the opposition as a good as anyone, which tells me his shelf life will last longer than most.

Don’t pay too much attention to his uncertain future with the team. Yes, his contract is up after the season, but after an encouraging 2014 season I can guarantee you he will be in blue for years to come. I mean, who’s going to replace him?

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