Madden Cover Final: Odell Beckham Vs. Rob Gronkowski


The votes are in! The two Madden cover finalists were announced today and it has come down to Odell Beckham and Rob Gronkowski in the finals. These two players are the stars of their own respective teams and have made major impacts in the NFL. The final voting will come down to the wire because both are extremely popular.

Gronkowski bounced back from an injury riddled 2013 season and helped the Patriots earn a Super Bowl in 2014. He is arguably the top tight end in the entire NFL. The kind of level he plays on is just ridiculous. He is near impossible to tackle and has one of the highest yards after catch totals in the NFL. In 2014 Gronk also won the comeback player of the year award. Beckham on the other hand was in a completely different situation than Gronk was in.

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Beckham has one of the greatest rookie seasons of all time for a wide receiver. The reigning rookie of the year winner missed his first couple of games and still had over a 1,000 yard season. In the process, he made one of the greatest catches of all time while getting pass interfered. He single handedly revived the New York Giants’ offense and even boosted Eli Manning’s play. Beckham brought weekly attention to a disastrous 2014 Giants’ team.

The question is, which way will fans vote? Beckham and Gronk are two of the most popular players in the league. The Giants and New England Patriots are two of the most popular teams in the league. The two teams are rivals on top of it all so it’s going to be very interesting to see which player takes the crown.

Madden 16 will be released August 2015.

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