Eli Manning: Due For Huge Payday


We are one month away from training camp and their still are no reports of Eli Manning getting a contract extension. John Mara and Jerry Reese have had nothing to say on the subject. It clearly isn’t a priority for them at the moment. Manning is actually doing the right thing for himself in this situation. While most players would be holding out for a new contract, Manning is sitting back and watching the numbers go up.

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Eagles Nation still despises Eli Manning despite so much time passing
Eagles Nation still despises Eli Manning despite so much time passing /

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  • Recently, Miami Dolphins’ quarterback Ryan Tannehill was signed to a six-year, 96 million dollar extension. Tannehill is a very good quarterback and had a breakout year in 2014. However, 96 million is a little pricy for him. What determines how a quarterback gets paid is the market value.

    Andy Dalton got a monster contract last year worth even more than Tannehill’s . He was paid a whopping 115 million over six-years. Like Tannehill, that is a little bit much for Dalton to get paid. Their contracts are just a product of the quarterback market. Think about it, who on earth could replace these players if they left their respective teams? Quarterbacks aren’t like running backs or wide receivers. They are hard to find.

    So what does this all mean for Manning? It means that he’s going to get a big payday. There is no reason why the Giants’ wouldn’t resign him. He is one of the league’s best quarterbacks. There is also no one to replace him. The Giants aren’t bad enough to secure a top pick in the draft for next year and Ryan Nassib isn’t ready to take the reigns yet.

    Manning is most likely going to retire a Giant. His contract should be somewhere in the ballpark of Ben Roethlisberger’s. They both come from the same draft class so the extension should be around the same amount of years due to their age. Manning will lead the Giants to the playoffs in 2015 and receive a monster contract.

    Prediction: Manning lands a four year, 90 million dollar contract with 55 million guaranteed at the end of the 2015 season. 

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