Eli Manning: The NFL’s Most Underrated Player


When you start talking about some of the most underrated players in the NFL, the first name that comes to my mind is Eli Manning. Yes, Manning is highly inconsistent, but his success overrides his inconsistency. Manning is not only a two-time Super Bowl Champion, but also is a two-time Super Bowl MVP.

Manning began his career with the New York Giants in 2004. He now owns most of the Giants’ quarterback records, shattering each one of them over the years. This would be enough to qualify him as underrated as it is. The icing on the cake is that he also managed to orchestrate one of the biggest upsets in NFL history.

He was a big reason why the Giants beat one of the greatest teams in NFL history, the 2007 New England Patriots. That Patriots team went undefeated until they met Manning and the Giants in the Super Bowl.

Manning also remains the only quarterback to beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. That record has to be one of the greatest held by a quarterback today because Brady pretty much owned the NFL in this past decade. Brady has won 4 Super Bowls in his career.

With all of these accomplishments under his belt, Manning still receives high criticism. For some reason, most critics just aren’t a fan of his play. Yes, he may not be the best stats quarterback, but when the Giants need him the most he always shows up. His playoff record is nothing short of fantastic. Coincidences happen once, but talent makes it happen over and over again.

No matter what anyone says about him, players or fans alike, he never lets anything get to him. That is why he is the perfect leader. Manning never fires back at anyone, he shrugs off any negative comments. He never brags and never gloats about anything. The way he handles his composure is essential to surviving in the New York media.

All of these qualities make Manning out to be the perfect player. He’s clutch, he’s calm, he has leadership skills and he is talented. Despite having all of these great qualities, he still does not receive praise from many people besides Giants’ fans. Fans across the nation call Manning overrated and think that the Giants should not extend his contract.

What can Manning do to prove himself to the NFL world? Probably nothing, for some strange reason, he has never gotten much praise. Critics call him nothing more than an average player. If Manning won a third Super Bowl, I still don’t think fans and analysts would call him elite. His streaky regular season stats are all stacked against him. 2015 may be the year Manning will finally silence his critics.

What do you think Giants nation? Is Eli Manning the NFL’s most underrated player? Vote and comment below!

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