NFC East: Eli Manning Edges Out Tony Romo In All-Star Team

facebooktwitterreddit recently picked an All-NFC East team. The All-NFC East Team is like a Pro-Bowl for divisional players only. Not to anyone’s surprise, the Dallas Cowboys had the most players named to the fictional team. However, one of those players was not their star quarterback Tony Romo.

Eli Manning edged out Romo to be the quarterback for this All-Star NFC East Team. I am extremely surprised that Manning was chosen over Romo. I think Manning is a better player than Romo, but most people don’t. Dave Dameshek was the analyst who wrote this article and he made an extremely valid point for making his decision. He was also helped by Daniel Jeremiah the host of “Move The Sticks.”

Jeremiah said that Romo had one of his best seasons because the Cowboys took the ball out of his hands and Manning had one of his best seasons because they gave him the ball more. If you actually think about it, it all makes a lot of sense. Manning was given the ball more this past year than in his old offense with Kevin Gillbride.

Manning produces more when he gets more chances to show what he can do. Romo has a reputation for being extremely shaky at times and that is why the ball was taken away from him. He makes carless mistakes at the wrong times. Manning can sometimes be the king of careless mistakes, but he manages to make it work in the end.

It’s nice to see someone finally appreciate the significant improvement that Manning has made. He has come a long way from his horrific 2013 form. Manning has a chance to defend this title given to him this season. He has all the necessary pieces around him to succeed. It should be interested to see how Romo fairs without DeMarco Murray to hand the ball off to.

What do you think Giants nation? Is Eli Manning or Tony Romo the better quarterback? Vote and comment below!

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