Eli Manning: Will He Get Paid More Than Russell Wilson?


Eli Manning and Russell Wilson have a lot in common these days. Both want new contracts and both will most likely not hit the free agency. There are too many quarterback needy teams in the NFL. To let either of them go would be nothing short of football suicide. Is it possible for Manning to get paid more money than Wilson? Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reported that Manning’s agent has said that Manning’s deal will surpass Wilson’s.

While this is a very nice thought, it’s very doubtful that Manning gets more money than Wilson. Wilson is 26 and has a whole entire career ahead of him. Manning on the other hand is at the bottom half of his career. That doesn’t mean Manning won’t produce as much and if not more than Wilson, but it does mean that there contracts may be very different.

Wilson is looking to be the NFL’s highest paid player. Manning is just looked to get a contract that satisfies his needs. He already has made well over 100 million in his career. Manning is more than well off financially so I’m sure he just wants to get paid what he thinks he’s worth. Manning isn’t looking to make a statement with his money, but he will definitely get a huge payday that satisfies him.

Manning and Wilson are at two different points in their own respective careers. It’s very hard to compare their potential contracts. Wilson will most likely get exactly what he wants because there’s no shot the Seattle Seahawks will let him hit the open market. The same goes for Manning, but Manning isn’t threating the way that Wilson is. Manning is much more calm, which tells us things are better than we think.

Manning’s agent has openly said that he’s very confident Manning will get his deal. These things wouldn’t be being said if they weren’t true. You don’t see Wilson’s agent going around saying he’ll get the money he wants.

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