Morning Donut With The Giants: Steve Weatherford’s Comments


Good Morning New York Giants fans! I have good news and great news. The good news is that it is time for the Morning Donut, which is your morning sports page customized for your love of the Giants. The Morning Donut is a collection of the most interesting stories around the internet about the Giants. The great news is that there is a lot of fresh GMENHQ content coming your way today! As we look to end June with a bang, make sure to check our original content out throughout the day! Now it is Morning Donut time:

Steve Weatherford says comparing Eagles QBs to cars was actually a compliment by Aaron Dodson (Washington Post)

"Following Weatherford’s comments, the negative headlines surfaced, including this one from ESPN, “New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford jabs at trio of Eagles QBs, comparing them to automobiles,” which resulted in the punter going on a Twitter rant to defend himself."

Giants’ Steve Weatherford apologizes to Eagles fans, QBs for Tim Tebow, Chip Kelly comments by Charles Curtis (

"“My apologies to Philly fans if they took that the wrong way,” he said at the end of the interview. “Chip Kelly, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez, I’ve got nothing but respect.”"

Why are the Giants’ Eli Manning and Seahawks’ Russell Wilson unsigned? | Talk Is Cheap (PODCAST) by Jordan Raanan (

"We trudge along, always something to talk about. This week it’s why Giants quarterback Eli Manning and Seahawks signal-caller Russell Wilson are not yet signed long term, what does punter Steve Weatherford’s comments mean for the Giants-Eagles rivalry and what defensive linemen we’re excited to see this summer at training camp."

Steve Weatherford’s comments on Eagles QBs draws ire of Philly’s center by Sean Wagner-McGough (CBS Sports)

"Early Monday morning, Kelce defended his quarterbacks by tweeting a response to Weatherford. But in the tweet, Kelce didn’t even attempt to respond to Weatherford’s specific comments. Instead, he broached an easier target — Weatherford’s position."

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