Giants News Reports: Jason Pierre-Paul Injures Hand


According to reports, Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul suffered a”severe” hand injury in a fireworks accident on July 4th. Reports indicate Pierre-Paul may have lost at least fingers or part of his hand, though ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports it is not believed to be career-threatening.

A woman claiming to be Pierre-Paul’s neighbor tweeted a photo of van full of fireworks, which potentially could have been his.

The contract ramifications following this injury are huge. Pierre-Paul still has not signed his $14.8 million franchise tender. The Giants could rescind the tender and send Pierre-Paul into unrestricted free agency depending on what happens from here. For now, the details are scarce.

Pierre-Paul led the team in sacks last season with 12.5. Needless to say, losing their best pass rusher and a team leader would be a devastating blow to the Giants and to a defense itching for depth along the defensive line. For now, we wish him and his family all the very best during this difficult time.

GMENHQ will continue to provide updates as more details emerge. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @GMENHQ for the latest info. For now it is best to hold off all speculation until we know the complete details and what the road to recovery for Pierre-Paul will hold.

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