New York Giants: Should They Sign Brandon Spikes?


By now you are probably aware of two things about Brandon Spikes. According to reports Brandon Spikes was accused of committing a hit and run, resulting in minor injuries and was subsequently released by the New England Patriots. The other thing you’re probably aware of is that Spikes is available on the free agent market and the Giants need a linebacker?

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The Giants at least have to ask themselves if they should sign Brandon Spikes. From a purely football standpoint it would be good business. Spikes would be a relatively cheap insurance policy to the injury prone Jon Beason. The defense is pretty thin at every linebacker position. From a purely football point of view it is an intriguing option.

The Giants brass has to decide if they can live with themselves if they gave Spikes employment after such a hurtfully dishonest crime. Is signing Spikes condoning his actions? From a moral standpoint we are in some pretty murky water even if you believe in second chances.

The Giants linebacker group isn’t the most appealing in the NFL. Beason had a strong 2013 for the Giants after they got him in a mid-season trade. Beason however is coming off a season in which injury took him off the field and that is a recurring problem for the Giants middle linebacker.

Jameel McClain and Cole Farrand are the other two options there for the Giants. McClain is a linebacker more suited for the 3-4 with a big nose tackle in front of him and another interior linebacker next to him. Farrand is an intriguing undrafted free agent out of Maryland. The Giants just don’t have anything proven at the middle linebacker position.

Spikes is a limited athlete but he is a great run stuffing linebacker. The Giants run defense was abysmal last season without Beason, giving up 4.9 yards per carry. Spikes is a 27 year old starting caliber player, who is available for hire.

From a purely football decision it is a no-brainer that the Giants should get the services of Spikes. At the end of the day the Giants are in the business of winning football games. If bringing in Spikes helps the Giants win football games, it’s strictly business.

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