Shane Vereen has a big advantage with the New York Giants


The running back position is something the New York Giants need to get more out of. Of all the candidates for the job, Vereen has one big advantage.

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Vereen is the only proven receiving running back that the Giants have. In the West Coast Offense that Ben McAdoo calls that is a very big deal. In many offenses the running back is nothing more than a safety valve and a pass protector, in McAdoo’s offense Vereen will be used as a weapon.

Vereen will create matchup nightmares for linebackers trying to cover him in space. Vereen understands his role as a receiving running back. He gets coverage, he gets the goal of running his route and he gets how to make himself available to the quarterback. Manning is going to love having Vereen in the offense.

Vereen is a proven commodity. Last season with the New England Patriots, Vereen caught 52 passes for 447 yards and three touchdowns. Vereen average 8.6 yards per reception and his little plays added up to a giant impact on the Patriots season. He had 24 receptions that got a first down. The Patriots moved the chains 8 times in their playoff run last season throwing it to Vereen. That is absolutely huge.

It is no knock on Rashad Jennings, who is a very capable running back. The thing is that Jennings doesn’t give the same kind of ability as Vereen in the passing game. With a sure to struggle offensive line, versatility is the name of the game at the running back position.

Vereen will win the starting running back position. Make no doubts about it, Jennings, Andre Williams and possibly even Akeem Hunt will contribute this season. The starting role has to go to Vereen, who will help the Giants in both the running game and the passing game.

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