New York Giants: Should They Sign Aldon Smith?


If there’s one thing the New York Giants haven’t been known for these past couple of years, it’s their linebackers. The Giants have neglected this position in the draft as well. Their latest addition was Devon Kennard, who has the potential to be a break out star. The Giants best bet would be to strengthen the talent pool and sign Aldon Smith.

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The combination of Smith, Kennard, and Jon Beason would drastically improve the Giants’ defense as a whole. It would also provide some insurance for an injury to Beason. It could never hurt to have more depth.

Solidifying the linebacker corps would improve pressure on the quarterback and take some pressure off the secondary. If the pass rush is formidable, the Giants’ secondary can do their job. It is essential to take pressure off the very weak Giants’ secondary.

The only issue is that Smith comes with a boatload of trouble off the field. After the recent training camp fights going on around the league, the Giants may not be willing to add wood to the fire. Smith is a troublemaker, but a very talented one. If he is signed, maybe Tom Coughlin could knock some sense into him.

The Giants are one of the most disciplined teams in the league. They rarely have players with off the field issues. When an occurrence does come up the organization has a zero tolerance policy. They will most likely cut the player. A perfect example would be the former Giants’ safety Will Hill.

So what’s the verdict? The answer is that the Giants could really use Smith. The benefits outweigh the risks. Smith knows this is his last shot and the Giants will have no issue cutting him. If he becomes a Giant he’s going to have to be on top of his game.

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