Roster Cuts: No Spot For Akeem Hunt


There was an exciting flash on this team in the preseason that didn’t make the 53 man roster. Akeem Hunt was waived yesterday in the wave of roster cuts. There simply wasn’t a spot on the team for Hunt because the Giants are loaded with options at the running back and kick returning position.

Hunt shined in the preseason. Hunt rushed for 53 yards on 12 attempts, averaging 4.4 yards per carry. Hunt showed great promise as a kick returner. He had a 70 yard kick return and averaged 32.5 yards per return. Hunt lacks size, he isn’t a power back or even an every down player. That being said he has unbelievable acceleration and shiftiness. It is disappointing to see a player get cut who has so much potential.

That sadly is the reality in the NFL. It is a tough road for a undrafted free agent. The road gets significantly harder to make it through when you’re a receiving running back and a kick returner when the team you’re trying out for has Shane Vereen and Dwayne Harris.

In hindsight it seems silly to have given Dwayne Harris a rather large chunk of money to return kicks for the Giants. Hunt seemed more than capable at the job and he would have cost the team next to nothing. If the Giants didn’t offer Harris a 5 year $17.5 million with $7.1 million guaranteed the Giants may have had more money to fill other needs. Maybe Rahim Moore or Evan Mathis would have ended up with the Giants.

I am not surprised that Hunt got cut. He is an undrafted free agent who weighs 190 pounds. It isn’t surprising but to me it is the most disappointing departure. I saw a flash of something special in Hunt. I think he has the ability to be a Percy Harvin like talent. One thing is for sure, when healthy Akeem Hunt can fly on the football field.

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