Why The Giants Will Beat The Cowboys


Before you run your eyes or refresh the page let me start of by saying yes you read the tire of this article correctly. I said the New York Football Giants will defeat the Dallas Cowboys Week One on Sunday night.

Now you may be saying to yourself “this has to be click bait, there’s no way this author can really believe the battered and bruised Giants can go into Jerry World in prime time and beat the reigning NFC East champions.”

Well, I’m here to tell you first of all that yes I do believe that Big Blue will stun the team that is still known as “America’s team” despite them only having 2 playoff wins in the last 20 years.

Yes im talking about the same Giants team that is already decimated by injuries on defense and has many question marks across the depth chart. This is also the same Giants team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2011.

How will Giants win? Well that’s because there is no greater feeling than spoiling your arch rival’s home opener. The Giants are looking to send a message to the Cowboys and I think this will be another classic game in the illustrious Giants-Cowboys rivalry.

I do believe that this game will be a high scoring and very physical one. But the deciding factor will be the enormous chip the Giants have on their shoulders coming into Dallas against a team that may very well be taking them lightly due to their recent success.

We all know that when one team wants is badly enough they can beat a more talented team. In this case it is likely that the Cowboys will not bring the same intensity level as the Giants will on Sunday which will make for a classic upset.

Now all the “analysts” and “experts” will force feed you stats and bring up the past and make predictions to no end, but that doesn’t make them correct. We have seen far too many times that sometimes you cannot believe the hype and this reigns true when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys have not shown any reason why they deserve to be crowned 1-0 before the game is even played and therefore have yet to earn the benefit of doubt that most great teams have when it comes to playing lesser teams.

There is no reason why the Giants cannot upset the Cowboys. In fact, history has shown that the Giants are familiar with upsetting the always favorited Cowboys time and time again.

So now the question must be raised, when do we stop allowing ourselves to be fooled by media hype? Well folks I’m here to tell you that time is now. The New York Giants will rise up against a hated rival and stun them in their own building for the world to see. The Giants are hungry and motivated while the Cowboys are busy full of themselves for finally winning a playoff game. This will lead to a perfect storm of the underdog catching the favorite off guard.

So yes, the New York Giants will defeat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. By the way, Dez still didn’t catch that ball.

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