New York Giants: Must Win Against The Falcons


The New York Giants are 0-1, which doesn’t mean the world is falling apart. It was one heartbreaking game, the Giants weren’t going to go undefeated anyway. But this isn’t baseball, you don’t have 162 opportunities; in football you have 16 games to earn a playoff seed. Starting off 0-2 would be horribly detrimental to that goal.

Forget about the statistics on 0-2 teams making the playoffs (they’re not pretty). Forget about the fact that the Giants have 14 more games after this. The Giants are a team that cannot afford to go 0-2. 2013 was the season of the 0-6 start. 2014 had an 0-2 start and the team went 6-10.

Based on recent history of the franchise, if the Giants don’t win this week two contest hosting the Atlanta Falcons, the wheels may fall off. The Giants are a team that when they slump they slump. They have had a losing streak of 6 or more games in each of the last two seasons.

If the Giants win they get to flip the script. They get to show the world that they’re not going to fall victim to their own self pity. They’re not going to keep banging their head against the proverbial wall. The Giants are a team that competed hard with the Dallas Cowboys, a team many picked to go to the Super Bowl. The Giants are a team that is here to stay. That’s what the Giants need to do in week 2. They need to change the course of this season with a win they can build off of.

The Giants need this win. It’s about confidence more than anything.

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