New York Giants: All Goals In Front Of Team


The New York Giants have an opportunity given to few teams that begin the season 0-2. The 2-2 Giants have every goal they had at the start of the season still in front of them. They can win the NFC East, the NFC and the Super Bowl with inspired performance.

The first goal to accomplish is winning the NFC East. The NFC East is as weak as the division has ever been and this is the perfect opportunity for the Giants to reclaim supremacy of it.

With a division championship earned the Giants would have a top 4 playoff seed. Giants fans know more than most that just getting into the postseason gives you a chance at Super Bowl magic.

There is a three way tie at the top of the NFC East but hope has to be the highest with the Giants right now. The Giants have won two games in a row in convincing fashion. Their defense (which was horrible a season ago) has flourished. The Giants handled the Redskins and beat a very good Buffalo Bills team soundly.

The Cowboys stole a game from the Giants in the first week of the season but their arrow is pointing down. They just lost to the Saints, giving New Orleans their first win. The Cowboys have lost two in a row with Tony Romo recovering from injury. With Romo out for at least half the season, and Dez Bryant hurt as well the Cowboys are much less intimidating. The Redskins don’t look like contenders and the Giants beat them already.

The Eagles are an absolute train wreck and they sit at 1-3. Chip Kelly had a loud offseason but now it is his critics who are the loudest. The DeMarco Murray experiment has not been a success. Sam Bradford has not delivered the high-flying offense the Eagles expected to have.

The Giants have a lot to be excited about as the enter the second quarter of the NFL season. Because they may have emerged as the front runners in the NFC East a great year could be in store for a Giants franchise who needs it badly.

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