Larry Donnell Saves Giants Win With Phenomenal Catch


Well Odell Beckham isn’t the only member of the Giants capable of making an amazing catch on Sunday Night Football. Larry Donnell had an unbelievable 12 yard touchdown grab to give the Giants the 30-27 win. Donnell had a relatively uneventful night until that final play, he had just 35 yards in the game.

The Giants were driving down the field in the final minutes of the game. The defense had just surrendered a touchdown that put the 49ers in front 27-23. It was a case of here we go again syndrome, the Giants had given up another fourth quarter lead.

After Odell Beckham drew a pass interference penalty, the Giants were on the 12 yard line, with no timeouts and just 26 seconds remaining. Manning took the shotgun snap and fired an amazing throw up where only Donnell could make a play on it. Donnell caught the pass high, secured the ball and fell to the ground.

This is the kind of play we expect a 6’6″ tight end make. Donnell has all the size and talent to make him a matchup nightmare. Donnell’s catch was simply remarkable and it saved the Giants from a really bad loss. The Giants never seem to have trouble building a lead but they always have trouble protecting it.

The Giants led this game most of the way. At the half the Giants were up 13-6. At the end of the third quarter the scoreboard read 20-13. The Giants problem was they kept San Francisco in the game. The Giants have to learn that the foot can never come off of the gas pedal in the NFL. Luckily Donnell was there to save the day and the Giants are 3-2.

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