New York Giants: Team Must Remain Focused


The New York Giants have to stay focused on the moment after falling 27-7 to the Philadelphia Eagles. 2015 does not have to be a repeat performance of 2014.

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By now you’ve probably seen the ESPN graphic that compares this season to last season for the Giants. Yes, the Giants started out 0-2 last season. Yes, the Giants won three straight games after the bad start last season. They even lost to the Eagles in week 6 last season. That’s right the Giants have repeated that pattern in 2015.

The end is not here though. The sky has not fallen, the sun is up and the Giants have not lost all hope. The NFC East crown is still very achievable, with every team clumped together. The Giants 2015 season has been ominously similar to the 2014 campaign; this is where the Giants fell into a seven game losing streak last season.

The Giants cannot afford to sulk in the moment. They can not overthink the familiarity of their situation. The only thing the Giants can do is attack the week’s preparation and get ready for the Dallas Cowboys.

This game against the Cowboys is not an easy win despite Tony Romo and Dez Bryant’s absence. Matt Cassell is capable of righting the ship and managing the game. If the Giants pass rush is stifled by the Cowboys strong offensive line, then it may not matter who plays quarterback. With no Prince Amukamara no situation is too easy for Big Blue’s defense.

The Cowboys front seven is capable of replicating the Eagles success against that offensive line. The Giants have to sure up some things.

Worrying about a situation does not change it. The only thing the Giants can do as a team is to collect themselves and control what they can control. They can control their performance, they have to shine in week 7.

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