NFC East: Evaluating The State Of The Division


The New York Giants lost their hold of the NFC East to the Philadelphia Eagles with an abysmal loss. The Giants lost 27-7 and all of their weaknesses finally started to show. The NFC East is still up for grabs at this point in the season because no team in the division is overly impressive.

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Despite leading the division, the Eagles look like a total mess. The team morale is low and the quarterback position is up in question. Sam Bradford is flat out not able to be a franchise quarterback. Mark Sanchez would probably be doing a better job than him at this point.

Bradford should have torn apart the Giants’ secondary, they are ranked 30th against the pass. He has a multitude of talented receivers to throw the ball to. Instead, He threw three interceptions and had a quarterback rating of 61.3. If they keep playing the way they do, they won’t keep hold of the division for long. The Eagles need to keep piling on wins in order to take control of the NFC East.

The Giants are probably the most put together team in the NFC East at the moment, but they are having trouble taking advantage of it. Despite having some issues on the defensive side of the ball, they are a pretty solid squad. However, they can’t put on another showing like they did this past Monday night. This team was way better than what they showed.

As most fans figured, the pass rush is going to be the Achilles heel of this team. Having no pass rush and one of the leagues worst secondaries isn’t the best combination. That means the offense will constantly have to play catch up and that might not work every single time. The Giants need to win their next game against the Dallas Cowboys in order to be relevant again.

The Cowboys are going on a downward spiral that doesn’t look like it’s going to get better. That is no surprise considering they lost two of their best players in Dez Bryant and Tony Romo. The timetable for return is up in the air for both players, but the question is will the come back the same.

Bryant’s foot injury will most likely have him on a pitch count when he returns. As we have seen with Antonio Brown, having your backup quarterback throw you the ball doesn’t mean your going to produce. So basically the Cowboys’ season rests on the return of Tony Romo and it may be too late by the time he returns. Jerry Jones has to hope that Matt Cassel can buy some time and salvage the Cowboys’ season.

Last and most certainly least comes the Washington Redskins, who have been the same old mess they always are. The Redskins have the potential to do some damage with their defense, but they have no offense to capitalize. Kirk Cousins can’t rally this team to make a run at the division.

The Redskins have playmakers in the running and passing game, but just can’t seem to get anything right. They have he potential to be great, but having no viable starting quarterback is holding them back. It’s fair to say that we can count them out of the race for now.

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