New York Giants: Record Indicative Of Inconsistency


The New York Giants are one of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL and that is why they sit with an even record of 3-3. This team has an light switch for some reason, they just cannot put their best effort on the field every time. Inconsistency is the most powerful ingredient in mediocrity.

The most frustrating thing is that the Giants could have won every game this season. Against the Cowboys, the Giants led the entire way. The offense capitalized on Cowboys mistakes and the defense kept the Cowboys offense out of the end zone on a couple big stops. Then Eli Manning decides not to score, the defense gives a horrible effort and the Cowboys won the game at the last second.

Sep 25, 2014; Landover, MD, USA; New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin on the field against the Washington Redskins during the second half at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants then went home to play the Atlanta Falcons. The Giants played phenomenal football in the first three quarters and built one of their not too cozy lead. They have their foot on the gas pedal and it looks like a dominant win is on the way… until Manning fumbles, missing a receiver wide open in the end zone. The offensive line had all the sudden decided to stop blocking and later on the defense just let the Falcons go swiftly down the field for the game winning score.

The Giants then got the privilege of beating the Washington Redskins. They led the whole game but they never quite closed the door on the Redskins. The Redskins made it pretty interesting with a failed comeback attempt that included a fumble at the goal line (what luck) and a kick return for a touchdown against the Giants.

The Giants went on to battle the Buffalo Bills for their second straight victory. The offense was non-existent for much of the game. The defense however held the Bills to 10 points. Luckily the Giants offense had a few big plays in them for the 24-10 win.

The 49ers were the next team to come to town. The Giants made this game as frustrating as possible despite the 49ers struggles. They allowed the 49ers to creep back into the game and with little time left they stole the lead. It took an amazing drive by Manning and an even more amazing catch by Larry Donnell to grab the win.

The Giants finally played the Eagles in Philadelphia. It didn’t go so well. The Giants offensive line was torn apart by the Eagles and the offense that looked so heroic in the 49ers game was nowhere to be found. The Giants have that light switch, the Eagles found it and turned them off.

Even in their three wins the Giants had patches of ineptitude that were hard to explain. Why could a team that looked so amazing on one drive, look so horribly on the next? When the Giants are clicking they look like they could be a real power in the NFL…then somebody finds that damn light switch.

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