Watch these five players in Sunday’s Giants-Redskins game

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5. Sterling Shepard

Experts believe Shepard is a steal. He quickly grew into a reliable target for Manning. He now plays among a cast of talented wide receivers reminiscent of the days of Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks. In his first two games, he had a 14.5 yard per reception rate that must have pleasantly surprised head coach Ben McAdoo. Shepard was a primary reason the Giants won their first two games. Together with the bend-not-break defense, Shepard proved the giants with just enough receiving yards (160 in total) to eke out wins against by a point or field goal.

Remember, this could be the week Cousins and his offense exceed expectations causing the Giants to go 1-2.  Giants fans hope that this is not the week that the Giants fall into the bad habits of having a weak defensive that gives the opposing quarterback a virtually impenetrable pocket.