Here’s what an ideal realistic 2020 NY Giants season should look like

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NY Giants fans are justifiably starving for wins and success, but it’s going to be important to temper expectations in 2020. Here’s what fans should be hoping for in terms of progress.

Listen, I don’t have to explain to any NY Giants fan that these last eight years have been rough, besides 2016, although that year ended miserably (boat pic anyone?). One playoff appearance in eight years is about as bad as it gets in the NFL.

But even though the fanbase is feigning for wins and to be relevant again, it is highly important to temper expectations and realize we are not legitimate contenders but rather a young, rebuilding team with a first-year coach.

My main mantra for this 2020 NY Giants season is simple — play some competitive football games that actually mean something past Halloween (mid-season).

While that may sound like an easy task for most teams, we haven’t seen that simple task completed in quite some time having only won 12 games over the past three years.

I recently wrote a piece talking about where Vegas pegs the NY Giants’ 2020 win total to be – 6.5 – which seems fair considering the circumstances.

Getting a little past that number would increase our chances of playing meaningful games, and most importantly would be an improvement over the last few years.

Part two of my mantra is quite obvious — see development across the board on a team and important player basis.

I’ll break that down in detail from an offensive and defensive team and individual player perspective.

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