NFL Trade Rumors: NY Giants’ Evan Engram or Golden Tate, who’s more likely to go?

Could either of the NY Giants offensive weapons be traded before the November 3 deadline? NFL personnel from across the league believe Engram and Tate are the best options.

After trading linebacker Markus Golden to the Arizona Cardinals for a six-round pick, the NY Giants essentially put a “For Sale” sign on their personnel.

But for this rebuild to have any success, the team has to get help for whom the front office and general manager Dave Gettleman view as the future of this franchise. That means building around second-year quarterback Daniel Jones and third-year running back Saquon Barkley, among other recent picks.

Moving Evan Engram would make the most sense. He was the last first-round pick of Gettleman’s predecessor Jerry Reese. And the 6’ 3” tight end is still viewed as a strong asset, both by the Giants organization and NFL scouts.

An AFC scout told FanSided’s Matt Lombardo that Gettleman’s top priority should be moving Engram.

“If I were the Giants, trying to trade Evan Engram would be my top priority. I’d try to find a team that actually knows how to use him, and accumulate as many picks as I can over the next week.”

That’s the catch with Engram.

Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett said that he wanted Engram to be a big part of the offense this season, especially when Barkley went down. And Garrett has been trying to find creative ways to give Engram the ball; through seven games, Engram has attempted more rushes (four) than his previous season high (three).

But his potential in New York has been fogged by his inability to be a reliable receiver. A fresh start on a team that can use an additional weapon might give Engram the spark he needs, and would help take pressure off being a team’s only option. And since he’s on the last year of his rookie contract, it’s better to move him for picks now, instead of letting him walk for nothing.

Lombardo also spoke to an NFC personnel director, who thinks the Green Bay Packers would be smart to target Golden Tate.

“If I was the Packers, I would trade either for Jamison Crowder from the Jets or Golden Tate from the Giants. I’d be looking for good slot receivers who can be legit punt returners, and are also quality veterans as players and people. You need to bring good qualities into that locker room.”

Great points, and all of which Tate certainly can bring to a team. He was seen as the veteran leader needed for the young receiving crew of the Giants. And for Green Bay he would make a great slot option, which would open up the field even better for Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams.

And while Tate has never scored a touchdown on a punt return, he’s racked up more than 1000 yards doing the job, including 187 yards for the Detroit Lions. So the Packers are well aware of his abilities.

The Giants have just one win this year, after only four wins all of last season. They’re in the basement of the worst division in the NFL. And if Gettleman wants to stay off the hot seat, he has to start making moves that make sense.