NY Giants undrafted free agent live tracker and updates

NY Giants (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
NY Giants (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Welcome to our NY Giants undrafted free agent live tracker. Here we will provide the latest and official signings by the Giants of all undrafted free agents that weren’t selected in the 2022 NFL Draft. Now that this year’s draft is officially in the books, it all comes down to new general manager Joe Schoen’s post-draft moves to fill up the Giants’ roster.

It’s no secret that coming off a 4-13 abysmal season that huge changes would undoubtedly be coming in 2022. The Giants made a ton of offseason moves, brought in a new head coach, coaching staff, general manager, and now it’s all about bringing in new players that are ready to start winning more football games.

We truly won’t know know how this year’s draft class of the Giants will pan out but hope is in the air that better years are indeed ahead. Years that bring successful and competitive football on top of satisfying one of the best fan bases in all of the NFL. Now it’s time for the Giants to find those hidden gems in the rough through undrafted free agents that didn’t get their names called in this year’s draft.

When it comes to this undrafted free agent live tracker, please be sure to hit refresh as much as you’d like as it will only have updates from verified and legitimate sources. This live tracker will also have all official UDFA signings listed below by the Giants as they happen in real-time.

NY Giants 2022 Undrafted Free Agent Signings & Tryouts

Tight End Austin Allen, Nebraska
Cornerback Darren Evans, LSU
Running Back Jeremiah Hall, Oklahoma
Defensive Tackle Tyrone Truesdell, Florida
Defensive Tackle Christopher Hinton, Michigan
Defensive End Jabari Ellis, South Carolina
Defensive End Tomon Fox, North Carolina
Safety Yusuf Corker, Kentucky
Running Back Jashaun Corbin, Florida State
Offensive Guard Josh Rivas, Kansas State
Safety Trenton Thompson, San Diego State
Cornerback Zyon Gilbert, Florida Atlantic
Defensive Tackle Antonio Valentino, Florida
Defensive End Jaylin Bannerman, Utah State
Wide Receiver Daylen Baldwin, Michigan
Safety Brandon Easterling, Dayton
Offensive Tackle Matt Allen, Michigan State
Offensive Guard Baer Hunter, Appalachian State
Wide Receiver Jahcour Pearson, Mississippi
Wide Receiver Andre Miller, Maine
Offensive Guard Navaughn Donaldson, Miami
Quarterback Tre Ford, Ontario
Linebacker Joe Beckett, Wofford

Last Update: 5/3/22 @ 12:18 PM ET