Ranking the Top 10 linebackers in NY Giants history

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The NY Giants have seen several players with immense talent come and go over the years. Linebacker is no exception, as this position has arguably seen the most talent during the Giants history.

In the greater aspect of the NFL, likely no other team’s historic linebackers compare to that of Big Blue. Especially towards the top of the list. In order to, in our opinion, accurately put into order the top 10 linebackers of all time, there will be multiple different factors that come into consideration.

Something to keep in mind is that the NFL did not officially start tracking tackles until 1994, and sacks until 1982. With this some players have their tackles listed by official sites online, and others don’t. However, that doesn’t take anything away from the guys on our list. Here are the 10 best linebackers in NY Giants history:

10. Brian Kelley

While Brian Kelley, who posted eight sacks and 15 interceptions in 143 games, may be the most forgotten of the famous “crunch bunch,” he was still a nightmare on the field during his time. Despite not having any tackles recorded on official sites, older NY Giants fans will tell you just how great Kelley was.

After being selected in the 14th round of the 1973 NFL Draft, Kelley would not see the field that much in his first fall, only starting in six games. However, things would only go up hill for the 22 year old. After his sophomore season in the NFL, Kelley would start in every game he played in for the remainder of his career.

Kelley was a part of the legendary “crunch bunch” linebacker core. This featured some of the other players on this list whom of which we will not spoil. Despite never making a Pro Bowl or winning a Super Bowl, Kelley was a very special talent.

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