3 reasons why the Giants would be foolish to pursue a Jimmy Garoppolo trade

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (Image via The Enquirer)
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (Image via The Enquirer) /
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Just when it felt like we could finally put quarterback rumors to rest and start playing some actual football, former NY Giants quarterback David Carr said on the NFL Network that the Giants should consider trading for Jimmy Garoppolo.

While it would be nothing short of stunning if the Giants actually pulled off a trade for Jimmy G, Giants fans may be thinking about how Garoppolo might fit with the franchise. Although Garoppolo is a veteran quarterback who has a lot of wins to his name, he has some significant limitations and does not quite fit the Giants time frame for Super Bowl contention.

While we need something to talk about in the dog days of summer with two weeks before training camp even starts, Jimmy G to the Giants isn’t it. Here are three reasons why it would be foolish for the Giants to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo.

3. Garoppolo does not fit Brian Daboll’s offense

Throughout his career, Garoppolo has been known as a game manager. Although he is a steady, pocket passer who is not overcome by pressure, Garoppolo does not fit the bill of a modern quarterback with immense athleticism and a big arm.

However, it’s hard to knock his career as he has won over two thirds of all the games he’s started. While his winning pedigree is a cool attribute, there is some reason to doubt that trend can continue outside of San Fransisco. Kyle Shanahan, the head coach of the San Fransisco 49ers, is often considered the best offensive mind in football, even better than Rams Super Bowl-winning head coach Sean McVay.

Shanahan crafted the offense around Garoppolo’s skillset, which featured a heavy dose of quick screens and tons of rushing plays. It also says a lot that last year San Fransisco traded three first-round picks to trade up to select Trey Lance, a raw prospect who has a huge cannon of an arm and elite athleticism.

Brian Daboll, coming over from Buffalo, coached a quarterback in Josh Allen whose skillset is very similar to Lance. Mike Kafka, the new offensive coordinator who came over from Kansas City and worked closely with Patrick Mahomes, is also experienced with an immensely athletic quarterback with a cannon of an arm. It would be weird for this staff to backpedal towards Garoppolo, whose arm came up short in both the 2020 Super Bowl and 2022 NFC Championship Game.

While Jones and Tyrod Taylor are by no means perfect, they are a lot more similar to the skillset of Lance, Allen and Mahomes than they are to Garoppolo. With a questionable offensive line, though massively improved this offseason, and an offense built around the deep ball and athleticism, Garoppolo does not make sense.