Darius Slayton doesn’t sound confident at all on making NY Giants roster

Darius Slayton, NY Giants. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Darius Slayton, NY Giants. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

Could we see the end of Darius Slayton suiting up for the NY Giants? That’s a question that’s been asked countless times this offseason, as trade rumors have spread consistently on the wide reciever. At the same time, there’s also been plenty of discussion about general manager Joe Schoen releasing Slayton to create more than $2 million in cap space.

When asked about his future with the team, Slayton didn’t sound confident at all that he’s going to be donning Big Blue this campaign. He most certainly has left the door open to return, but even Slayton sounds convinced that his days with the team are numbered.

Will the NY Giants release Darius Slayton?

There’s no question that Slayton has a ton of talent and potential. His biggest issue has been inconsistency and drops. There was hope that Slayton would be able to pick his game up this summer and during the preseason, but he’s been a little banged up. This has only led to more and more fans calling for Schoen to let him go.

Not only that, but people are beyond furious with the play of Kenny Golladay. The stud wideout inked his four-year, $72 million deal, but he looks worse seemingly each time he takes the field for the G-Men. In the loss to the Jets on Sunday, Golladay once again showed less than 100 percent effort on a play and it was disappointing to see.

He’s getting ripped for his play on social media and rightfully so. He’s supposed to be the No. 1 receiver for this team and he’s not acting like it. With Slayton, he just hasn’t been able to put together strong performances either. There was promise that the team would be able to trade him for a cornerback, but nothing was able to get done.

It wouldn’t be a stunner if Slayton was still on the team come Tuesday, but it’s almost feeling like a longshot at this point. Schoen could decide to cut him and sign someone else at a position of need like cornerback or on the offensive line. We’ll find out soon enough what ends up happening here.