Wink Martindale is here to stay and that’s amazing news for the NY Giants

Wink Martdinale, NY Giants. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Wink Martdinale, NY Giants. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

One down, and one to go. Over the past three weeks, there’s been serious concern that defensive coordinator Wink Martindale and offensive coordinator Mike Kafka could be leaving the NY Giants this offseason.

Both have received interest and interviews for head coaching gigs, specifically with the Colts and Cardinals looking ready to pounce.  Some good news has come in for head man Brian Daboll, though, as Martindale won’t be going anywhere.

According to reporter Mike Silver, Martindale has been informed that he is no longer in the hunt to land the job with Indianapolis. While this sucks for him, we’re glad he’ll be back at MetLife Stadium next season.

Wink Martindale won’t become the next head coach for the Indianapolis Colts

With Martindale back, this is great for the sake of continuity for the NY defense. The unit looked sharp last season, with Martindale’s experience and knowledge paying off big time in helping out some of the young talent. The roster wasn’t loaded by any means, however, so a strong offseason in adding veteran players will do wonders for this team.

Who better to coach them up than Martindale? Not only that, but a lot of young studs are sure to make their way to East Rutherford via the 2023 NFL Draft, where linebackers and defensive backs will surely be a focus for general manager Joe Schoen.

As for Kafka, he’s a finalist for the Cardinals job and it feels like a 50-50 shot that he’ll end up being offered the gig. With both Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes helping Kafka out, it has countless Big Blue fans worried that the first-year offensive coordinator could leave town.

Kafka is a rising coach and if he does take the Cardinals gig, then Daboll will look far and wide for potential offensive coordinator replacements. Hey, Daboll calling the plays could be an option too, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Thankfully, Coach Dabes doesn’t have to worry about Martindale, as he’ll be by his side for the 2023 campaign.