Giants finally get Matt Dodge revenge on Eagles with horrific Super Bowl punt to Kadarius Toney

Kadarius Toney, Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Kadarius Toney, Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

It took more than 12 years, but sweet revenge has made its way to the table for the NY Giants fan base. On Sunday night, the Kansas City Chiefs served the Philadelphia Eagles with a heartbreaking 38-35 loss in the Super Bowl. This is a game people won’t forget, and one play in particular brought a smile to our face.

We’re talking about the Kadarius Toney punt return, the longest in Super Bowl history. Toney, a former Giants first-round pick, took the ball back 65 yards and set up KC with 1st-and-goal at the five. Goodness.

It was a low, sinking kick, which surely reminds a lot of people of the Matt Dodge punt to DeSean Jackson in East Rutherford in 2010. That play will haunt us forever, but Toney decided to honor those in NY by sticking it to the Eagles this time around. What a moment this was:

Kadarius Toney sticking it to the Eagles made Giants fans happy

As much as it hurt to see Toney ball out for Kansas City, we’re happy it at least helped take down Phily. No one wanted to see the Eagles win their second Super Bowl. It would have led to their supporters being more annoying than usual. Toney played a big role in preventing that from happening, so we’ll tip our hat to him.

Just because things didn’t work out for Toney with the Giants, that doesn’t mean he has forgotten about the big-time rivalary with the birds. Not only did Toney record that epic return, but he also caught a touchdown from Patrick Mahomes. Toney stepped up for KC when his number was called. Oh, and in case you forgot about the Jackson TD, you can go ahead and watch it here.

That clip gets even more infuriating each time you watch it. A furious Tom Coughlin couldn’t believe what punter Matt Dodge was thinking, lighting him up for the brutal mistake. Nick Sirianni must have been equally as upset with Arryn Siposs. Toney’s massive play resulted in Mahomes finding rookie Skyy Moore for a TD a few plays later.

The Eagles ended up tying things up, but it was KC who captured the Lombardi Trophy. It’s the first of Toney’s career. While we were hoping that would happen for him with the Giants, the fact that he prevented the Eagles from winning it all will have us sleeping peacefully over the next few weeks.