3 injured NY Giants who fans need to remember in 2023

Collin Johnson, NY Giants. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Collin Johnson, NY Giants. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /
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Sterling Shepard, NY Giants
Sterling Shepard, NY Giants. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images) /

1. WR Sterling Shepard

It’s tough to call Sterling Shepard underrated or a forgotten player, but it’s just impossible to not want the best for this guy. In 2021, Shepard went down with a torn Achillies. After fighting his way back to get ready for ’22, he hauled in his unforgettable touchdown vs. the Tennessee Titans in Week 1 to help provide one of the best upsets for Big Blue of the year.

Then in the Monday Night Football loss to the Dallas Cowboys, Shepard had to be carted off, this time with a torn ACL. Countless Giants fans were ready to give Shepard both their knees so he could keep on playing – that’s how much he means to the organization. Him suffering back-to-back season-ending injuries was brutal to see.

Despite not being able to get out on the field with his teammates, Shepard remained around the team and was easily one of the biggest cheerleaders out there. He’s back with the Giants for one more season and he’s going to want to keep posting clutch receptions for this squad.

The second Shepard (knock on wood) scores his first TD of 2023, it’s going to feel unreal for him. It’s a moment we can’t wait to happen. After all he’s been through, Shepard not only deserves a clean bill of health, but he also deserves to have an unforgettable year in ’23.