3 most wild moves the NY Giants can make during the NFL Draft

Will Joe Schoen make any of these happen?
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2. Trading down with the Broncos and acquiring Patrick Surtain II

The Denver Broncos have been surrounded by trade rumors this offseason and it's easy to see why. As of now, their quarterbacks room consists of Jarrett Stidham, Zach Wilson, and Ben Dinucci, which is far from ideal. Considering how top-heavy this year's quarterback class is, it may be in their best interest to trade up and the Giants could be a prime candidate to do so with.

An interesting trade proposal that has popped up recently involves the Giants sending the No. 6 overall pick in return for the No. 12 overall pick, the Broncos' 2025 first-rounder, and All-Pro corner Surtain. This may seem like a lot to move up six spots, but reports have stated that Sean Payton is willing to pay the price for his QB.

If the Giants are in this position, they should take this trade in a heartbeat. The Broncos likely won't be in the position to be in the playoffs in 2024, so their future pick could be very valuable, not to mention what Surtain would bring. New York currently doesn't have another solidified starting corner to play alongside Deonte Banks, so adding Surtain to the mix would fix this problem for the foreseeable future.

This move would be very surprising, yet beneficial for New York. Not only would it solve one of their biggest gaps on defense, but it could put them in the position to select another star-caliber player in next year's draft.