This NY Giants trade for Patrick Surtain II would steal the show on draft night

If the Broncos are ready to offer Patrick Surtain and picks to move up for a QB, the Giants should be willing to make that deal
Denver Broncos v New York Giants
Denver Broncos v New York Giants / Al Pereira/GettyImages

As Big Blue fans recently saw, NY Giants general manager Joe Schoen didn’t tip his hand as far as which way he was leaning in regards to his No. 6 overall pick. However, if the Denver Broncos are willing to make a significant offer to move up for a quarterback, then this could be where Schoen makes his move.

Denver is reportedly willing to not only offer top draft picks, but potentially dangle top cornerback Patrick Surtain II in a deal as well. Hey, the Giants are in need of a cornerback to play opposite of Deonte Banks. Surtain is also still on his rookie deal from Denver, so acquiring him and adding his deal to the payroll wouldn’t be an issue. Is this something the G-Men will pursue?

The Giants trading for Patrick Surtain II would benefit Deonte Banks

Surtain will have his fifth-year option for 2025 and will eventually want a contract extension, something the Giants can worry about down the road. With the salary cap always rising in the league, the Giants being able to afford Surtain would be something that is doable, especially if the G-Men decide to cut ties with Daniel Jones after the 2024 campaign and his deal is off the books.

So, if Denver is willing to offer “a king’s ransom” with Surtain in the deal, what could a deal look like? Here’s our proposal:

  • The Broncos acquire the No. 6 overall pick.
  • The Giants acquire the No. 12 pick, No. 76 overall (third round), a 2025 first-round pick and Patrick Surtain II.

The story we have all heard from the 2018 NFL Draft was that the Broncos wanted to move up and were calling the Giants for their No. 2 overall pick because Denver wanted a quarterback. However, former general manager Dave Gettleman wasn’t taking trade calls and ended up selecting Saquon Barkley, a move that many have questioned ever since. Denver had the No. 5 overall pick and they were reportedly ready to offer a haul for it, but it never happened.

Now, six years later, Denver is in need of a quarterback, and really, so are the Giants, but if the Broncos are willing to mortgage their future to move up for a signal-caller, then this is where Big Blue can come in and take advantage. They could move down six spots, still take a quarterback later on with No. 12, or in the second round, and add one of the top young cornerbacks in the league.

We’ve already talked about how on paper, the Giants defense looks solid. Brian Daboll has Dexter Lawrence up front, with Kayvon Thibodeaux and Brian Burns on the edge, plus Bobby Okereke and Micah McFadden in the middle. Don't forget about Banks at one of the corner spots. Adding Surtain at the other side would not only take away a possible draft need that the Giants had, but solidify the position and give another boost to the defense for Shane Bowen.

For all of the draft possibilities, we actually did envision the Giants and Broncos making a deal like this a month ago, although we didn’t expect it to potentially include Surtain, that’s just an added bonus. If the Giants have a chance to move down, land Surtain and still have a shot at either drafting a quarterback, impact wide receiver or tight end, then Schoen should be on the phone with Denver as soon as possible to make a deal work.