3 reasons the NY Giants will win the NFC East, and 2 why they won't

Can the Giants prove everyone wrong and win the division this campaign?

Washington Commanders v New York Giants
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Why they will: The coaching staff

We've seen what good coaching can do to a team. Bill Parcells and Tom Coughlin were part of two championship teams and their leadership abilities were key for those Super Bowl teams.

A lot of people see the same qualities with Daboll, who in his first season, not only led the Giants to the postseason and won a playoff game, but also took home the 2022 NFL Coach of the Year Award for his efforts. Many had the Giants pegged as a five-win team for 2022, yet, Daboll took that team and gave them the confidence to win and finish football games that would have been lost back in 2021.

When Daboll was hired by the Giants, he went out and assembled a staff full of diversity and culture, especially when it came to winning and success. Kafka came from the Andy Reid coaching tree and Wink Martindale came from John Harbaugh's.

Both were not only considered successful assistant coaches and coordinators, but they were also finalists for several head coaching jobs during the offseason. Seeing both Kafka and Martindale return for a second season will give the Giants more continuity and chemistry.

Many had felt that Jones' career was floundering before Daboll got there. Daboll, along with Kafka, may have not only saved it, but unlocked it with what Jones can do on the field. Barkley was already a tremendous player to begin with. Under Daboll, Barkley had one of his best overall seasons since his rookie year in 2018. With Martindale coaching, someone like Lawrence saw the level of his game go from good to great.

The Giants have one of the better coaching staffs in the league and they will only continue to get better with experience and the team's success moving forward will be the result. The Giants believe in Daboll and it shows on and off the field.

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