4 free agent do-overs for the NY Giants in 2024

Did Joe Schoen make mistakes here?
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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As the New York Giants prepare for the 2024 campaign, they’re hoping their haul from this year’s edition of NFL Free Agency is enough to help propel them back to respectability. While you can’t build a team through free agency, you certainly can plug some holes with the players you’re able to sign. Joe Schoen and the rest of the Giants brass believe in building through the draft, but the best teams in the league know that a mix of hitting on both draftees and signees is the way to build a contender. 

That being said, the Giants were likely satisfied with the players they were able to bring in this offseason, but that doesn't mean they wouldn’t like a do-over for a couple of their moves. Here’s four that Schoen and company would like a mulligan on, as the Giants rebuild their franchise. 

4. Letting Saquon Barkley sign with the Eagles

The biggest move that the Giants made in free agency was actually one that they didn’t make, and that was allowing Saquon Barkley to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles, instead of bringing him back to New York.

Now, we’re not saying the Giants should’ve re-signing Barkley to a massive contract, similar to the one he received from the Eagles. However, there’s certainly a myriad of different avenues the team could’ve taken, instead of simply allowing Barkely to have his pick of teams in free agency, and winding up with arguably the franchise’s most hated rival.

Instead of losing Barkely for nothing, the Giants could’ve franchise-tagged Barkley and attempted to trade him, or even look to work out a deal for the 2024 campaign. While it wouldn’t have been ideal, as it was evident in last week’s edition of Hard Knocks that a return was never really Schoen’s preference when it came to Barkely, the end result is still tough to stomach at the moment. We’ll see how it looks at the end of the 2024 campaign, but a different route would have benefited all parties.