4 NY Giants veterans who won’t make the Week 1 roster

It may be time to say goodbye to these players.
New York Giants v Tennessee Titans
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2. TE Chris Manhertz

If released, it's very likely that Chris Manhertz returns to the roster as a practice squad player given his abilities as a blocker. Given the Giants' current TEs room, though, it makes sense for him to be released for a guy like Lawrence Cager, who is a much better fit as a pass-catcher.

The Giants already have Daniel Bellinger and Jack Stoll, two great blockers who can also serve as pass-catchers. So keeping Cager alongside Theo Johnson could give New York two blockers, and two pass-catchers at the position - some extreme versatility.

Or, both Cager and Manhertz could get cut, and Brian Daboll could run with just three tight ends. Regardless, Manhertz seems like the first to go out of everyone else in the room. He's caught just 26 passes during his eight-year career, and while yes, his blocking is valuable, the Giants simply don't need it.