NFL exec calls out Giants HC Brian Daboll for the offseason Mike Kafka mess

Daboll continues to take some heat for this.
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An NFL executive has made NY Giants head coach Brian Daboll the subject of some harsh criticism over how he has handled things with his staff this offseason. The scrutiny comes amid the mess of Daboll taking over play-calling duties (barring a last-minute change) from offensive coordinator Mike Kafka.

In a new article from ESPN's Jordan Raanan, which included former NY coaches blasting Daboll, an anonymous NFL executive called out Coach Dabes for how things have gone down with Kafka. The third-year OC was promoted to assistant head coach, but Kafka is essentially taking a back seat with his new role.

Brian Daboll is getting hit hard with even more criticism this summer

"It doesn't set a great precedent. It's almost like a make-up present."

NFL exec to Jordan Raanan

Although it's harsh, the exec really isn't wrong. Kafka is the only coordinator returning after the Giants disastrous 2023 season, and he has had his biggest responsibility taken away from him. Sure, the title change is nice and can look good on a resume, but really what good does that do for anyone? Kafka comes back after his two head coaching interviews earlier in the year didn't go in his favor. So, this "promotion" almost seems like a 'thanks for staying" prize.

On the flip side, Daboll also makes a lot of sense in taking over the play-calling. Through 10 weeks this past season, the Giants had a 2-8 record while only averaging 11.8 points a game. Not great! One way or the other, the Giants needed to change it up in terms of play-calling because whatever Kafka was doing obviously wasn't working. Daboll decided to take matters into his own hands and you can't fault him for that given his experience. Keeping and even promoting Kafka in the process is where things get a little strange, so the exec has a point.

Daboll enters his third season at the helm of the Giants in 2024 and it's as important of a year as any. All the promise they showed in 2022 went out the window with 2023 and Daboll's seat is getting a little warm. If he wants to call the plays, more power to him, but it doesn't exactly make sense to keep Kafka around. The Giants blocked him from potentially taking the OC job in Seattle, which only adds to the frustration for those in Kafka's corner.