4 players the Giants should put on the trade block during the 2024 NFL Draft

Will Joe Schoen be able to move these guys later this month?

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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1. QB Daniel Jones

Let’s start with the obvious, even though it’s the most important position in football, the contract Schoen gave quarterback Daniel Jones has aged like milk so far. While Jones missed a majority of the season with injuries, he wasn’t anything to write home about when he was actually on the field. 

The former Duke Blue Devils quarterback amassed two passing touchdowns while throwing six interceptions. That’s far from what you expect from a franchise quarterback. Entering 2024, Jones’ cap hit is an eye-popping $47.1 million next season. Yes, the Giants have an out after next season, but they’d still have over $20 million in dead money if they rid themselves of Jones. 

The Giants haven’t been shy regarding their scouting for the 2024 NFL Draft, they’re in the market for a rookie quarterback. While they may be picking too low to draft the one they want, they’ve signed another veteran in Drew Lock, and thankfully, there are other quarterback-needy teams picking behind them.

If the Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos or a different quarterback-needy team comes calling about Jones, the Giants should do all they can to make a move. While many would have thought a Jones trade would be impossible, Pro Football Network got us thinking recently with a mock draft in which they have the Broncos and Giants getting a deal done for Jones. It seems wild to think about, but if anyone is going to take a massive risk on trading for Jones, maybe it's Sean Payton.