4 ways the NY Giants failed Daniel Jones in 2023

Don't put all the blame on Daniel Jones for his '23 campaign

New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
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When the New York Giants decided to reward Daniel Jones with a four-year, $160 million contract last March, they were sure that he could live up to that deal and play like he did in 2022. However, as we all saw, Jones' season was short lived and disappointing to say the least after only throwing two touchdowns to six interceptions.

Then, everything hit rock bottom with him tearing his ACL in the Week 9 loss to the Raiders. This came after he missed multiple games with a neck injury too. While people were furious with Jones for the way he looked in six games, come on, the Giants didn't put him in the best position to be successful. Here's why:

4. The play-calling

Jones has gone through three different head coaches and three different offensive coordinators in his career. Over the last two years, especially under Mike Kafka, the Giants offense has been unable to move the ball at all. This past season was no different, which is exactly why in 2023, the play-calling is part to blame for the rough year.

In 2023, the Giants passing attack was ranked 31st in the NFL, only averaging just under 170 passing yards a game. As for the offense altogether, the G-Men were ranked 29th, only averaging 280 total yards a game. That's unacceptable.

The Giants could not move the ball well enough with Kafka calling plays and that was on full display this past season with the Giants not scoring an offensive touchdown in four of the six games that Jones started. Kafka will be back next season, but goodness, he needs to put Jones and the offense as a whole in a better position to succeed.