5 best-case NY Giants scenarios for the 2024 NFL Draft

Who will the Giants end up taking in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft?
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4. The Commanders select J.J. McCarthy or Jayden Daniels over Drake Maye

All three of these quarterbacks are very talented and could easily be stars in the NFL. However, Drake Maye is a bit more advanced as a player than the other two and the film shows it. Despite this, there have been rumors that the Commanders could very well take someone else. While J.J. McCarthy could be a stretch, we wouldn't be shocked to see Washington take Jayden Daniels so high.

If they make this mistake, the Giants will reap the benefits for years to come. This isn't saying that McCarthy or Daniels won't be good, but they don't have the floor or ceiling compared to Maye, especially given Washington's situation.

This is without mentioning the fact that if Washington doesn't select Maye, the odds of him falling to the Giants will rise a good amount. At the very least, the door will be opened for Schoen to trade up and take their franchise guy. It remains to be seen what happens, but Maye landing with the G-Men would make a lot of fans happy.