5 best-case NY Giants scenarios for the 2024 NFL Draft

Who will the Giants end up taking in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft?
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1. The Giants trade up for Drake Maye and secure their franchise QB

Maye might not be the best quarterback in this year's draft class, but with the Bears making it abundantly clear that they are selecting Caleb Williams first overall, it's easy to see that Maye will be the best realistic choice for the Giants. If he manages to fall past the third pick, Schoen should not hesitate to move up and get his guy.

New York has given Jones five years now to try and put together a competent season at quarterback and he has done so just one time. Considering that he not only reverted to poor play, but also suffered a torn ACL last season, it's likely not worth wasting more time on the 26-year-old QB.

Moving up to select a guy like Maye could come at a hefty price, but if the Giants can finally secure another franchise quarterback, it would be worth every asset. Given the team's timeline and talent level, selecting someone like Maye could very well advance their rebuild by a couple of seasons, so there are really no excuses for Schoen to not be aggressive in pursuing his quarterback.

It will take a lot for this scenario to become reality, but if it happens, Giants fans worldwide should rejoice. It's not every day that a potential franchise quarterback falls into your lap based on the mistakes of other teams.